Volunteers take care of quake children

2010-04-21 08:25 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |

Although the Yushu earthquake created a community of orphans, its also brought many people together. Volunteers have taken it upon themselves to care for the children regardless of their differing ethinicities.

Geng Que Wang Mao and her 4-month-old daughter were transferred to Kangle hospital in Qinghai province on the second day after the earthquake. Due to injuries to her spine and head, she was unable to nurse her daughter. The infant who is suffering from pneumonia, refused to drink powdered milk. One nurse at the hospital decided to help.

Zhang Shuying, nurse of Kangke Hospital, said, "I never hesitated. When I saw the poor baby, I decided to nurse her."

25-year-old Zhang Shuying who also has 5-month-old child, was able to act as her temporary mother, and nurse the Tibetan baby.
25-year-old Zhang Shuying who also has 5-month-old child, was able to act as 
her temporary mother, and nurse the Tibetan baby.

25-year-old Zhang Shuying who also has 5-month-old child, was able to act as her temporary mother, and nurse the Tibetan baby.

Zhang Shuying said, "I'm so concerned about the baby. When I arrive home at night, I still worry whether she's eating well, or sleeping well."

Mother Gengque Wangmao said, "Although we speak different languages, I can see love from her eyes and what she has done for us. I know she is helping us with all her heart."

3-year-old Doji lost his parents during the earthquake, and is receiving treatment at the Sichuan University's West China Hospital. Gaga has volunteered to take care of Doji.

Volunteer Gaga said, "When I saw the baby, he suddenly called me father."

In all the happiness, it's hard to believe that Gaga has just lost several family members including his pregnant wife.

He said if Doji can't find any relatives, he would like to volunteer and take care of him, and treat him like his own son.

Editor: Zhang Ning | Source: CCTV.com