IMF releases financial stability report

2010-04-21 09:16 BJT


To business news now, and the International Monetary Fund has released its latest Global Financial Stability Report, detailing the current status of the global financial system.

The report says that there have been improvements, and that the economic recovery has gained steam. But it states that stability risks still remain.

The IMF said on Tuesday, a worsening of sustainable public debt in advanced economies, as well as fears of inflation and asset price bubbles in emerging markets, can still pose risks to the international financial system.

International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s Global Markets Monitoring and Analysis Division Chief Peter Dattels, Monetary and Capital Markets Department Director Jose Vinals, Deputy Director Jan Brockmeijer and External Relations Division Chief William Murray (L-R) hold a news conference on the IMF's Global Financial Stability Report at the IMF headquarters in Washington April 20, 2010. REUTERS/Stephen Jaffe/Handout
International Monetary Fund (IMF)'s Global Markets Monitoring and
Analysis Division Chief Peter Dattels, Monetary and Capital Markets
Department Director Jose Vinals, Deputy Director Jan Brockmeijer
and External Relations Division Chief William Murray (L-R) hold
a news conference on the IMF's Global Financial Stability Report
at the IMF headquarters in Washington April 20, 2010.
REUTERS/Stephen Jaffe/Handout