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Plane crash in Philippines kills 3

2010-04-22 17:22 BJT

A Russian built cargo plane has crashed in northern Philippines, killing three of its six crew.

Police say the Russian pilot reported electrical trouble about an hour into the flight. A fire then broke out forcing him to make an emergency landing in an open field Wednesday night. Authorities say the aircraft had three Russians, two Uzbeks and a Bulgarian on board. Villagers managed to rescue three crew members, two of the Russians and an Uzbek, who all suffered bruises.

Filipino villagers look at the wreckage of a Russian cargo plane Antonov 12BP, operated by Pacific East Asia Cargo Airline, that crashed in a rice paddy in Mexico, Pampanga in northern Philippines April 22, 2010. Three crew members survived, while three others were killed in the crash, according to police investigators. REUTERS/Erik de Castro 
Filipino villagers look at the wreckage of a Russian cargo plane 
Antonov 12BP, operated by Pacific East Asia Cargo Airline, that
crashed in a rice paddy in Mexico, Pampanga in northern Philippines
April 22, 2010. Three crew members survived, while three others were
killed in the crash, according to police investigators.
REUTERS/Erik de Castro

Editor: Zhang Ning | Source: CCTV.com