Relief work continues despite snowfall

2010-04-23 08:20 BJT

Special Report: 7.1-magnitude Quake Hit Qinghai, China |

Heavy snow and fierce winds have hit northwestern China, creating new challenges for Yushu quake survivors as well as rescue and relief workers. But as James Kim tells us, the cold weather has not hampered ongoing relief operations in Yushu.

Cold weather has not hampered ongoing relief operations in Yushu. 
Cold weather has not hampered ongoing relief operations in Yushu. 

Soldiers from the People's Liberation Army are at Gesar Square, preparing breakfast for the survivors, despite the cold front.

Staff of PLA Logistics Team said, "We have prepared hot food, including rice porridge, and noodles, in order to keep people warm."

At the temporary medical relief station, there're a constant stream of people coming to see doctors.

Xing Zheng, head of PLA medical relief team, said, "The weather has changed, so we have prepared enough medicine, including more cold medication."