Palestinians clash with Jewish settlers

2010-04-26 09:31 BJT


Clashes broke out between Israeli security forces and Palestinians in East Jerusalem during a right-wing Jewish march.

Violence broke out during a right-wing march through the contested Holy City sparked clashes.

Baruch Marzel, Israeli Right-Wing Settler, said, "Our message that we want to pass here is that Jews are back to their homeland, Jews are back to their capital."

Jawad Siam, Head of a Palestinian Committee, said, "We are going to give a message to the settlers, to the world, that we are existing here, it's not a Jewish neighborhood, it's a Palestinian neighborhood, it's a Palestinian village and we will stay here, we will not leave."

Palestinian youths wave their national flag and set tyres on fire as they clash with Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border. (AFP/Mahmud Hams)
Palestinian youths wave their national flag and set tyres on fire
as they clash with Israeli soldiers near the Gaza border.
(AFP/Mahmud Hams)