2016 Central Economic Work Conference

President Xi Jinping has said he is confident that China will well achieve its major economic and social targets for 2016, and that the 13th Five-Year Plan period (2016-2020) will be off to a good start. Besides, the Communist Party of China has specified the major tasks for the government’s economic work in 2017, including supply-side structural reforms. Areas that are expecting reforms include state firms, fiscal and taxation, finance, and social security.


Beijing prioritizes financial stability for new year

The Central Economic Work Conference ended with the statement that 'houses are for living in, not for hyping up'.

China to further reform economic structure

Head of China's top economic planning body says the country will continue to reduce its surplus industrial capacities and adjust its economy according to the people's demand.

Containing risks in financial markets a priority

Containing risks in financial markets was also on the agenda of the Central Economic Work Conference. Policymakers say China will do all it can to prevent real estate bubbles.

Stability in housing sector a priority

China has vowed to curb its real estate bubble in 2017. This is according to a statement issued Friday after the Central Economic Work Conference.

Brain drain stifles economic growth for China's northeast

At the annual economic session, one of the issues Chinese decision-makers will be addressing is the vicious circle in the country's worst performing region, where much of the young talent is leaving because opportunities are few and far between.

Tasks completed and missions ahead

The goal of the reform is to rebalance the Chinese economy from being investment export driven to a more balanced and long-term growth model.

China to prioritize economic stability in 2017

As 2016 winds down, China's top leaders are mapping out economic plans for next year. Key figures have been released prior to the Central Economic Work Conference which will be held later this month.

Supply side reform: 2016 overcapacity reduction goals

Supply side reform is China's latest tool being employed to achieve sustainable growth. It's been one year since supply side reform was first mentioned at China's top government economic meeting in 2015.

Annual meeting sets China's agenda for economy

A top meeting for China's economy is scheduled this week in Beijing. The Central Economic Work Conference is an annual meeting that sets the national agenda for China's economy and finance. It's normally held over a couple of days during the 2nd or 3rd week of December.

Ministry of Commerce says China still attractive

On Friday the Chinese Ministry of Commerce said that the country continues to be an attractive destination for foreign investors.

China sticks to 'going out' strategy amid outflows

China will continue to open up its economy and stick to its strategy of investing overseas. That's according to a joint statement issued by four government entities, including the National Development and Reform Commission and the central bank.

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