The Water Pulse More

About Documentary 'The Water Pulse'

The documentary production team spent four years in shooting the South-to-North Water Diversion Project. It has recorded important construction periods of the world’s largest water conservancy project. Immigration stories, national treasure protection and ecological management all happened during this course of water transfer construction... It discussed how these key water engineering projects worldwide have significantly promoted the development of human civilization, and the important role they have played in human life in various fields. What’s more important is this documentary focuses on the future and delves into the exploration of the intimate relationship between human development and water resources.

Silk Road: The Journey Goes On More

About Documentary 'Silk Road: The Journey Goes On'

Silk Road, Powerful Motivation: Choosing 7 countries along the Silk Road as its shooting location, the documentary records people’s struggle, valuable heritage and various civilization. It tells a story about how people of different nations accommodate to each other, live together in peace and jointly create a new silk road.

China’s Mega Projects More

About Documentary 'China’s Mega Projects'

In today’s China many major issues have to be solved through unconventional projects. “China’s Mega Projects” are selected and represented according to their significance, in its effort to demonstrate to a global audience the superb engineering wisdom of present-day China.

Mt Huangshan More

About Documnetary 'Mt. Huangshan'

Embodying charms of all famous mountains, Mt. Huangshan is uniformly acclaimed as "the mountain belittling all elsewhere". As China's only world-class scenic resort laurelled with titles of World Cultural Heritage Site, World Natural Heritage Site and World Geopark, Mt. Huangshan is globally renowned for its magnificent and spectacular natural landscapes as well as its profound and long-standing culture. The 6-episode HD documentary "Mt. Huangshan" has revealed the unparalleled sceneries, social life, natural features, history and culture of Mt. Huangshan as "the most amazing mountain".

A Bite of Chna: Season 2 More

About Documentary 'A Bite of China: Season 2'

On the grassland, spring on the Gong Geer River, in icy water, people begin their fishing season. Miles away, the fish are racing against time, swimming upstream to a place they call home To lay eggs in the grass. Here People and fish a balance with nature. This is A Bite of China II.

Porcelain Story More

About Documentary 'Porcelain Story'

This documentary traces the history of interaction between Chinese and other cultures of the world. Beginning from the 9th century, Chinese porcelain has been popular in almost every important place and time in history. Many foreign adventurers came to China in search of fine porcelain. This documentary is the true story of porcelain, a story about entrepreneurship, adventure, wealth, war and sunken ships.

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