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2017 Looking China film project opening ceremony held in Beijing
2017 Looking China International Youth Film Project opening ceremony was held in Beijing Normal University on April 10, which is co-organized by the Academy for International Communication of Chinese Culture (AICCC), Beijing Normal University and Huilin Foundation. In 2017, film makers are expected to produce 10-minute short films with the assistance of Chinese volunteers from Shenzhen University, Guangxi Normal University, Xiamen University, Henan University and other organizations. The theme of this year's "Looking China" project is "craftsman, inheritance, innovation."
A pastoral dream we all have
In recent years, many Chinese city residents are looking forward to owning a house with a garden in the countryside.
Tea Mountain, the place we call home
If you want to learn more about Chinese tea cultural, this is the movie for you and Xinyang is definitely a must place to visit!
Desert Combater, for a greener China
One generation plants the trees in whose shade another generation rests.
A vintage dream
Do you want to go back to the old time? There is a photo studio in Beijing, China where you can dress up in old style clothes and take photos.
The Village of Lusheng
George Howard-Rees Jones, a Lincoln University student, produces a film about a small and remote Miao-ethnic community village set in the backdrop of high lush hills and foggy weather.
The Miao people love music and are closely connected to a reed instrument, known as the Lusheng.
The film interviews two elderly men and a post-graduate from the Art School at Guizhou University.
One elderly gentleman is a professional lusheng player, while the other is a craftsman of the bamboo piped instrument.
The performer explains how his father taught him the skills that were passed down from generation to generation. The craftsman described the intricate details of the instrument, and how his generation of craftsmen upgraded it from playing just 6 basic sounds to 15, and even 24 now.
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  • Will roya
    Those Xizhou babas look like pizzas lol
  • Luis watertree
    Some movies are nice, wish I can go to visit those places.
  • Voon T Cheong
    It's a waste if China don't preserved some of its unique culture, Palace Lantern is one of them.
  • Shanta Maria
    I love Chinese folk songs very much.
  • Yaoqi Guan
    Omg I want to eat hot pot right now.
  • Hasti Man Pun
    Oh, every ethnic has their own culture and custom. In Nepal people of magar has their own special.
  • Laura Du
    You are right, it was a great place in old time, but now it becomes a pure tourist street, locals never go there to eat or shop !!!
  • Prosper Clint Awhariado
    Wow! I really wish to visit China. It's been my dream land for tourism. I wish to walk on the "wall" and visit shaolin houses.
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