Life in China is rapidly shifting to the cities, but another life style is complicated and stressful. City dwellers look for ways to relieve their stress, many of them find that the dogs and cats can be great companions...

  • Before get a cat or dog

    You should consider the greater picture of pet ownership before you make the decision to take on a pet. Are you willing and able to care for the pet properly? Will a pet suit your lifestyle and be comfortable living in your home...
  • Naming your pet

    Remember that the pet-name you choose will be used dozens of times a day to call, praise and sometimes tell off. Pick a name that the pet can easily recognise. Animals respond better to one or two syllable names...
  • Leaving pets at home

    Pets are likely to feel a little nervous while you are out and chewing is a way of relieving anxiety. Ensure that you provide his favorite chew toy to avoid chewed clothes and shoes. A chew toy can also help prevent boredom and destructive behaviour.
  • Pets and kids

    Owning a cat or a dog as a pet is one of the most wonderful things for a child. Pets teach compassion, how to be gentle and as kids get older, responsibility. To make this a positive experience, your puppy or kitten needs to be well adjusted and this requires your help.
  •                   Pet Parents

    China is seeing a growing trend in the number of people owning pets. A recent survey finds that one in 13 Chinese now keep animals. And the number is set to go up in the future. China is not only a country seeing a rapid growth in its population, but also, its pets population.

    Though this figure is still only a quarter of the number in America. Dogs and cats, like most countries, remain the top choices for Chinese people, accounting for 80 percent of the total number. In terms of age, 92 percent of pet owners in China are younger than 45. Among them, those between 25 to 30 represent the largest number. It seems the stress of city life has not only driven an emergence of younger "pet parents", but also a change in attitudes owards how people care for their, mostly, cuddly companions.
Pets at Home Alone, CCTV 9 Documentary