China is becoming increasingly popular as a destination for foreigners. Experts attributes the increasing popularity to the growth of China's national strength and improved global image. Meanwhile, the increasing interest in the rich history and culture of China bring them here. They learn Chinese mandarin, Chinese Kung Fu and other forms of Chinese culture. Finally, some choose to settle down, in one city or another, and enjoy life stories far away from their hometown...

Terence Lloren: Sound Artist in the City

Bjarte Simon Hiley: Foreign Kung Fu Disciple on Mt. Wudang

Bobby Male: In Pursuit of an Extreme Dream

Ines Brunn: The Fixie Rider

Jamie's Kitchen

Leru: Russian Dancer in Beijing

Ivo: Beijinger from Riga

Ekaterina's Musical Dream

Julien's Happy Life

Weilong's Camera

Philippe and Marian: Living It Slow in A Hutong

Will,a Brit in Beijing

John Zatkin: American Zhang’s Happiness Index

A Belgian in China-Morel’s Chinese Life

Belgian Cuisine in China- Morel and His Restaurants

Under the Foreign Sky, CCTV-9 Documentary, English