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Huang-mei opera artist Han Zaifen

2009-06-26 09:35 BJT


The eastern province of Anhui is famous for two "Huangs”: the tangible heritage Huang-shan Mountain and the intangible legacy Huang-mei opera. Compared to the 600-hundred-year-old Kunqu Opera, Huangmei is just a young girl. Its fresh, natural style has made it the pop and country music in China’s traditional opera. To keep the genre alive, Han Zaifen has persisted for decades to keep it current. On today’s THE LIST, we’ll take a look at the on and off stage story of Huangmei opera star Han Zaifen.

Han Zaifen is a reformer of China’s traditional opera. She believes no reform, no future.

Han Zaifen said, “They call me Big Bold Han. They say I’m always the first to try something new. But the changes I make are for a reason. It’s not just for the sake of change or to be different.”

Han Zaifen loves crossing boundaries. She plays on TV, in films, and on stage, and serves as a deputy of the National People’s Congress. And it’s all done for her beloved art.

Han Zaifen said, “No matter who I meet, they will become fans of Huangmei Opera. Even though some of them have never heard of Huangmei Opera before.”

She performs, reflects and manages. For years, Han Zaifen has pursued what’s best for Huangmei Opera.

“You have to learn to be a friend of loneliness. If you like Huangmei Opera, you have to devote yourself with your love. ”