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Hong Kong movie ready to open

2009-07-13 09:24 BJT

"On His Majesty's Secret Service", a much-expected big-screen comedy, is set to open across the Chinese mainland on July the 30th. In addition to lead actors like Louis Koo, the production features performances by some major entertainers in lesser roles.

In the movie, Tong Dawei plays an all-powerful kungfu master leading the imperial secret service. While he provides all the glamour in the story, Tong says he wasn't so sure of himself during shooting.

Actor Tong Dawei said, “It's my first action movie. So I was a bit worried before shooting. I learned a lot from the kungfu director during production. The poses, gestures, and movements are not very hard if you concentrate on them. And the kungfu director gave me some tips.”

For Song Jia, the challenge was bigger, since it's the first time she's appeared in a comedy. Her role is the whimsical daughter of the emperor. And it has led Song Jia to see her new potential.

Actress Song Jia said, “Actually I had long been impressed by the previous works of the director. During the shooting, I had had one surprise after another. I had never shot a movie in such a manner. The whole stuff was light hearted and easy going. It's a typical Hong Kong comedy. The princess has a thing for every handsome youth she met. I found the role very funny at my first reading of the screenplay.”

The movie also features Law Ka Ying, Na Wei, and Wan Qiongdan.

Editor: Zhao Yanchen | Source: CCTV.com