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Top ten most beautiful forests in China

2009-08-21 16:54 BJT

3. Tropical rainforest of Jianfeng Mountain, Hainan

With an area of 447 square kilometers, the tropical rainforest of Jianfeng Mountain is located in the north of Sanya on Hainan Island. It is the largest and best-preserved tropical rainforest in China. The lake on the mountain keeps an average temperature of 19-24.5 degrees Celsius, which makes it a good resort in the summer.

The forest contains 75 percent of Hainan's vegetation, including 78 kinds of rare vegetations under state protection and hundreds of rare commercial tree species. It has also been named a "Paradise of Wild Animals," in which 68 kinds of mammals, 215 kinds of birds, 400 kinds of butterflies, 4,000 kinds of insects, 38 kinds of amphibians and 50 kinds of reptiles live.