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Ancient Chibi Battlefield Site, Xianning of Hubei

2010-01-20 16:47 BJT

Chibi is ruins of the ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms period. It is made up of three mountains, Chibi Mountain, Nanping Mountain, and Jinluan Mountain. The main landscapes are:

Ancient Chibi Battlefield Site, Xianning of Hubei
Ancient Chibi Battlefield Site, Xianning of Hubei

Chibi Cliffside Inscriptions: On the cliff bordering river of Chibi Mountain, two characters, “赤壁” are engraved in stone. Each of the two characters is 1.5 meters long and 1.04 meters wide. They are inscribed in Tang Dynasty. In spite of thousand-year wind and rain erosion, and slap of the angry waves, the writing is still legible and complete until now.

Yijiang Pavilion: It is situated at River-bordering rock spur, Chibi Mountain. Built in 1936, this pavilion is composed of Ma stone with glazed roof tile at the top, six posts and angles, and a tower-shaped spire. It is so called because Chibi Mountain and Iron Mountain are like the two wings of Kunpeng bird.