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Male antelopes fight for females during mating season


05-23-2018 07:50 BJT

The antelope is also called a wildebeest as they live on the Arican grasslands. The antelope has strong permanent horns and beard on its horse-like face that weighing about 270 kilograms at full-size.
During the summer mating season, male antelopes will fight each other for females to determine the ranks, while the losers will leave the group.
Antelopes are enjoying themselves with each other except during the mating season when they become rivals.
This adult male antelop guards his turf.
Here comes a rival, a young single male with no shelter.
The young male antelop wants to kick the adult out and take his turf and his family.
The two scuffle and hit each other.
The young male takes the upper hand and his deadly horn is set against the older adult's neck who could die at any moment.
The young male becomes the new owner and the other adult runs away.

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