Explore the dreamy world of Tianfu Sichuan

Source:CCTV.com 27-05-20 02:38 Updated BJT
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2020 "Tianfu Sichuan" — a short video in Chinese and English that spans five minutes and 57 seconds, with a "visual reorganization" to guide the audience and "perceptual cognition" as its premise.

Presents a new visual experience of "discovering Sichuan and exploring Tianfu" for the audience through the gradual evolution of five sensory dimensions of "sceneries", "wonders", "voices", "flavors" and "dreams". 

Focusing on Sichuan's history and culture, its flora and fauna, rich products, harmony of life, and new developments. Through video narration, it shows Sichuan in a new style in a new era and brings the audience a new and rich "visual feast". 

Sichuan fascinates the world with its dazzling colors, the fun and leisure of life, and opportunities of making dreams come true. 

True friends from afar are just like close neighbors. Welcome to Sichuan!

Editor: Zhang Jianfeng
27-05-20 02:38 BJT
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