Lebanese gov't resigns after deadly Beirut blast

Source:Xinhua 11-08-20 09:37 Updated BJT
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Lebanon's prime minister announces resignation of his government following deadly explosions in capital Beirut which have triggered anti-government protests.

BEIRUT, Aug. 10 -- Lebanon's Prime Minister Hassan Diab on Monday announced the resignation of his government, after deadly explosions in capital Beirut that have triggered anti-government protests.

Diab said he refuses to be held accountable for the corrupt practices adopted by previous governments.

"Weeks after the formation of our government, some political parties tried to hold us accountable for corruption, public debt, and economic collapse," Diab said, adding that every minister in this cabinet has exerted great efforts in contributing to the roadmap to save the country.

"We are keen about this country, its future and the future of our children. we do not have personal interests. We want the good for this country, but we refuse to be dragged to useless arguments. Unfortunately, we could not stop some political parties from inciting people against us," he said.

Diab said the government has decided to resign to be able to stand by the people who are demanding for a real change.

Beirut was rocked last week by two huge explosions that have claimed at least 158 lives and injured 6,000 others.

The ruling political class came under heavy criticism by the Lebanese people who accused them of negligence and recklessness by storing a big volume of ammonium nitrate at Port of Beirut which may have caused the huge explosions.

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11-08-20 09:37 BJT
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