Gaokao 2020 Ep.3: I Am Not Alone 27-08-20 11:47 Updated BJT
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In June, a cluster of COVID-19 infections occurred at Beijing Xinfadi wholesale market. Citizens were concerned that this may postpone the Gaokao again. With the implementation of the containment measures in Beijing, the situation soon subsided and the Gaokao was held as scheduled.

Shot by the American director Mitchell Farkas, this episode chronicles the preparation and testing experience of Zhao Nanyin, a student with specializing in volleyball from Beijing, taking the Gaokao during the pandemic. In addition to the youngster's examination experience, this episode also shows her constant companions and supporters, including her mother, an ICU head nurse during the pandemic, and devoted father caring for the family, painting a vivid and ultimately hopeful portrait of a family's Gaokao experience impacted by the pandemic.

Editor: Zhang Jianfeng
27-08-20 11:47 BJT
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