2021 Spring Festival Gala dazzles viewers with high-tech

Source:CGTN 12-02-21 05:50 Updated BJT
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China Media Group's Spring Festival Gala, the world's most-watched annual TV broadcast, has been using the latest technologies to amaze both its Chinese and foreign viewers across the globe. And this year's show aired Thursday night was no exception.

"High-tech is more prevalent in this year's gala than in previous years; XR (extended reality ), AR (augmented reality), 5G,4K/8K transmission and even 8K livestreaming technologies are all featured in this gala," Chen Linchun, general director of 2021 Spring Festival Gala, told CGTN.

Higher resolution

In a first, this year's gala was livestreamed in 8K – display resolution with a width of approximately 8,000 pixels, the highest resolution currently available.

It was aired simultaneously on more than 30 8K Ultra HD big screens in public places in over 10 Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, enabled by the ultra-fast transmission speed of 5G networks.

More immersive audio-visual experience

This year's gala also employed AI+VR naked-eye 3D studio technology for the first time, achieving a naked-eye 3D effect and bringing an unprecedented multi-perspective panoramic audio-visual experience for audiences on TV or mobile devices.

The technology is based on a visual virtual 3D space constructed by three LED screens. The location data of the performers in the virtual 3D space is provided by the camera tracking system, and the dynamic virtual scene is presented on the LED screens in real time by the VR rendering engine. The actors therefore can interact immersively with the virtual elements around them according to the screens.

The gala presented a kaleidoscopic panoramic virtual scene integrated with live performances, which broke through the traditional stage presentation form, and realized a seamless connection between the virtual space and the real world.

In a creative show called "Ox Strut," Chinese pop star Andy Lau danced with multiple virtual robotic oxen virtually and simultaneously with another two singers Guan Xiaotong and Wang Yibo in the Beijing studio.

"(Lau) interacted with the whole scene and the elements we implanted," said Zou Wei, deputy general director of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala. "Instead of singing alone in a single scene, Lau's remote shooting scene was integrated with those robotic oxen and other elements that we processed with 3D techniques, with which he can make an interaction."

Virtual but natural scene production

This year's Spring Festival Gala applied several special camera systems, including track robots, ropeways and telescopic rocker arms. Each program adopted footage shot by special equipment, 14 of which were designed with virtual scenes.

The systems help to "restore the state of our natural world, like the light and shadow effects, the flow of water, and the fluttering of clouds," said Feng Yi, who was in charge of the AR technology for the gala. Feng added that the camera on the telescopic arm can even rise into the "clouds," showing how real they can be.

"Innovation in the gala needs courage, and courage is backed up by technology," said Chen Yan, general art design of the 2021 Spring Festival Gala. "I believe the Spring Festival Gala will keep improving in overall strength."

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