Over 5 mln get COVID-19 vaccine in Beijing

Source:Xinhua 03-03-21 10:41 Updated BJT
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BEIJING, March 2 -- Over 5 million people in Beijing had received COVID-19 vaccines as of 2 p.m. Tuesday, local authorities said.

Among them, 2.64 million people had been administered two doses of the vaccine, according to the municipal government.

Beijing has completed COVID-19 inoculation of key groups, such as frontline customs inspectors of imported cold-chain goods and personnel working in the overseas and domestic transportation sectors, since it was launched on Jan. 1.

The capital will continue to promote the vaccination of people with high infection risk, including those responsible for maintaining social operations and ensuring the supply of necessities, as well as personnel in service and labor-intensive industries.

Beijing will also inoculate the elderly who need to be vaccinated for special reasons and those in good physical condition, and gradually complete the inoculation of other groups.

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03-03-21 10:41 BJT
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