China's vice premier says it's imperative to improve HK's electoral system

Source:CGTN 08-03-21 09:58 Updated BJT
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Chinese Vice Premier Han Zheng said on Sunday that it's important to acknowledge the loopholes in Hong Kong's existing electoral system and that it's imperative that the system is improved. 

Han, also the head of the central leading group on Hong Kong and Macao work, made the remarks while attending the meetings of National People's Congress (NPC) deputies from Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions. 

"Patriots administering Hong Kong" is fundamental to the "One Country, Two Systems" principle, and the central government's attitude is consistent and has never altered, Han told deputies. 

It's necessary to take measures to improve the electoral system and make sure that patriots are administering Hong Kong, he emphasized.

Han also stressed the importance of rule of law as well as fully implementing the principle of "One Country, Two Systems."

Han recognized the work done by the NPC deputies from Hong Kong and Macao, and urged them to fully support the decision by the NPC and NPC Standing Committee on improving Hong Kong's electoral system. 

He voiced support to the work done by the two chief executives and their governments in handling the COVID-19 pandemic and improving local people's livelihood, and their efforts to bring the cities to the mainland's Greater Bay Area development strategy.

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08-03-21 09:58 BJT
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