Independent investigation reveals U.S. exploitation of Xinjiang affairs to "topple" Chinese gov't

Source:CGTN 13-04-21 10:13 Updated BJT
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Investigation findings from an independent news website Greyzone show that the government of the United States has been supporting politically and financially Uygur separatist movements disguised as advocating human rights in China's Xinjiang.

The National Endowment for Democracy (NED), a U.S. foundation founded to "support democracy in other countries" financed by the U.S. government, was said in the piece, in fact, to support the separatist movements.

According to a journalistic investigation piece published on the Greyzone website in late March, a Washington-based organization called the Uygur American Association (UAA) has been engaging with the U.S. government in terms of the Uygur separatist movements.

According to the U.S.-based Greyzone, the UAA is affiliated with the World Uyghur Congress (WUC) which some Western countries have described it as the "leading voice for Uygur interests and human rights." WUC had played a central role in how some Western countries interpreted Chinese policy in Xinjiang.

However, the news website pointed out that its previous reports have revealed that the WUC is actually a "network of exiled Uyghur separatists" who have stated their intention of bringing about the "fall of China" and create a state called "East Turkestan" in Xinjiang.

The multimedia piece said that the WUC has been working closely with U.S. and some Western governments in recent years as well as individuals such as Adrian Zenz, doubling down "their New Cold War against China, advocating for Chinese policy in Xinjiang to be labeled 'genocide,' along with sanctions and boycott."

The investigative piece said that UAA's Uyghur Human Rights Project (UHRP), launched in 2004, is facilitated and largely funded by the NED, providing more than one million U.S. dollars during the three-year period since 2016 alone.

"The National Endowment for Democracy has been exceptionally supportive of UAA," the former UAA President Nury Turkel had said in 2006 cited by the article, "providing us with invaluable guidance and assistance" and "essential funding."

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13-04-21 10:13 BJT
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