Taiwan reservoirs at low levels as drought persists

Source:Xinhua 14-04-21 04:45 Updated BJT
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TAIPEI, April 13 -- Taiwan is facing its worst drought in decades, with the island's reservoirs at dangerously low water levels.

As of Tuesday, 17 of the island's 19 major reservoirs were at less than 50 percent capacity, according to data from the island's water conservancy authorities.

The Techi Reservoir, which supplies water to Taichung, is at 4.4 percent capacity. If the drought continues, the reservoir's water may not last for half a month.

The severe drought has affected the island's agricultural production, which is likely to incur a loss of over 400 million new Taiwan dollars (about 14.05 million U.S. dollars). The mango harvest in Pingtung County is estimated to fall by 20 percent.

Starting April 6, some parts of central Taiwan have suspended the supply of tap water two days a week to cope with the lingering drought, which has affected over a million households.

Currently, the island has no plans to introduce stricter water rationing measures, local authorities said.

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14-04-21 04:45 BJT
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