CPC's leadership, socialist system key to China's success: former Hungarian PM

Source:Xinhua 25-04-21 09:57 Updated BJT
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BUDAPEST, April 24 -- The Communist Party of China (CPC)'s leadership and its upholding of socialism with Chinese characteristics are key to China's success, former Hungarian Prime Minister Peter Medgyessy said in an exclusive interview with Xinhua recently.

As this year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the CPC, Medgyessy explained the main reasons behind the party's long-term success.

"Every society is looking for a social order that best suits its own history, its own cultural traditions and the character of its people," Medgyessy said.

China's success is closely intertwined with the success of the CPC, he said.

"The success of the party is based on two things, one is that it has represented a stable set of values that can be maintained in the long run, and the other is its very good ability to renew itself," Medgyessy said.

An economic boom, poverty alleviation, advanced high technology like 5G networks, artificial intelligence (AI) and space exploration are very impressive achievements, Medgyessy said.

"The quality of life in China has also changed a lot, and this is perhaps even more important than technical progress," he noted.

Medgyessy stressed that China has set an example for developing countries, as China has shown that everything is possible if one works together, makes a lot of efforts and has a good leadership.

He noted that China's fast development has also created opportunities for markets and investments on a global scale, and China's impact on the world has been "very significant."

Medgyessy also spoke highly of China for its successful fight against the pandemic, saying that the CPC's "people first" approach was a key factor in successfully controlling the pandemic.

The global changes needed to be dealt with using international cooperation and multilateralism, he said.

"The ideal to build a community with a shared future for humanity is very right and important," he added.

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25-04-21 09:57 BJT
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