Chinese citizens' trust in government rises to 98 percent: Survey

Source:CGTN 14-05-21 10:38 Updated BJT
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Chinese citizens' trust in its government rose to 98 percent several months into the COVID-19, according to a Washington Post piece by Cary Wu, sociologist at York University.

The survey was conducted in late April 2020, and 19,816 people from 31 provinces or provincial-level administrative regions across China were interviewed.

This is compared to 95 percent in 2018 World Values Survey, which means citizens "have a great deal or quite a lot of trust in national government." 

The latest survey also show an increase from 2018 in Chinese citizens' trust of local government, with 91 percent of respondents saying they trust or trust completely the township-level government. Trust levels rose to "93 percent at the county level, 94 percent at the city level and 95 percent at the provincial level."

The figures indicate that Chinese people have become more trusting of their government at all levels, it said.

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14-05-21 10:38 BJT
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