Jiaohe Ruins: world's largest earth structure

Source:CCTV.com 10-06-21 05:04 Updated BJT
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Jiaohe Ruins is the world's largest and best preserved earth structure. It was once a natural fortress and a key stop along the ancient Silk Road passing through China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. For those who are fascinated by the mysteries of history, Jiaohe is just the place to visit.

Travel tips:

Location: About 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) east of Turpan City

Transportation: You can take a taxi, ride a bike or take City Bus 101 from Turpan city center to Jiaohe Ruins.

Attractions: Cultural Relics Exhibition Hall of Jiaohe Ruins, East Gate of Jiaohe Ruins, Jiaohe Temple

Best travel time: April to October

Other tips: Bring sunglasses, a sunshade and enough water

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10-06-21 05:04 BJT
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