Bizarre burial trends in ancient Xinjiang 15-06-21 10:12 Updated BJT
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What did ancient people want to be buried with? You'd be surprised to see what was found at the Astana Tomb complex located in China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. Thousands of pieces of relics were evacuated from the burial site, many of which are objects that wished for a happy afterlife.

Travel tips:

Location: Located to the south of the Flaming Mountain, about 2 kilometers north of Gaochang Old Town.

Transportation: China National Highway G312 from Turpan to Astana

Attractions: The Astana Tomb complex

Best travel time: April to October 

Other tips: Cameras are not allowed inside the tombs.

Editor: zhangrui
15-06-21 10:12 BJT
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