US epidemiologist: Study reliable suggesting earlier transmission of COVID-19 in US 20-07-21 02:18 Updated BJT
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Leading U.S. epidemiologist Dennis Carroll has affirmed the trustworthiness of a study indicating that COVID-19 may have appeared in the United States earlier than the documented infection.

A recent research study done by the National Institutes of Health shows that the infection began in the United States at a low level as early as December 2019. The study is based on the 24,000 blood samples collected at the beginning of 2020.

Dr. Carroll stressed that as the research over the origins of COVID-19 has come under global spotlight, some people are using it as a tool to try to reap political gains. The epidemiologist also pointed out that the pandemic can only be tamed by concerted efforts from countries around the world.

Editor: Zhang Jianfeng
20-07-21 02:18 BJT
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