Kenyan party leader: U.S. report on COVID-19 origins 'useless' to global fight against pandemic 13-09-21 02:36 Updated BJT
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The investigation report on COVID-19 origins released by the United States is of no help in the global fight against the pandemic as it only tries to apportion blame on China, said the Secretary-General of Kenya's Jubilee Party in an interview. Secretary-General Raphael Tuju made the remarks following the United States' release of an unclassified summary of the intelligence community's assessment on the origins of COVID-19 in late August. Tuju slammed the politicization of origin-tracing research, highlighting that it only derails joint global efforts that are necessary to effectively curb the pandemic. The Kenyan politician called on countries to concentrate on consolidating efforts to contain the pandemic, adding that China has done well in helping other countries via anti-pandemic materials and through sharing experiences.

Editor: zhangrui
13-09-21 02:36 BJT
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