Yale professor: COVID-19 more likely to come from nature than through lab leak

Source:CCTV.com 17-09-21 10:56 Updated BJT
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COVID-19 is far more likely to have come from nature than through a laboratory accident, said a U.S. professor during a recent interview. Talking about the origin-tracing study, Dean of the Yale School of Public Health Prof. Sten Vermund covered the six previously known coronaviruses, and pointed out that the novel coronavirus seems to be of natural origins instead of the lab leak hypothesis. Prof. Vermund said that it would be very improbable for the Wuhan virology lab, a fastidious laboratory with rigorous safety protocols in place, to have released the virus. Though no detailed information and conclusion were released, Vermund believes that there is no information to suggest the Wuhan lab was unsafe. Prof. Vermund at last called for the spurning of politicizing COVID-19 and leaving the issue to scientists.

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17-09-21 10:56 BJT
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