Symposium for CMG 4K Ultra HD Olympic Channel held in Beijing

Source:CGTN 12-10-21 10:20 Updated BJT
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A symposium was held in Beijing on Monday before the China Media Group (CMG) Olympic Channel launch. It will be the world's first 24/7, 4K Ultra HD satellite television sports channel.

CMG President Shen Haixiong attended the symposium and pooled wisdom with representatives of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), experts and top athletes for the new channel.

As part of the strategic cooperation between CMG and IOC, the new Olympic Channel is the only media platform authorized by IOC to use the Olympic name and log on to the Chinese mainland. It is also the world's first sports channel to transmit on both 4K Ultra HD and digital platforms.

The channel "CCTV16"  will offer a 24/7, 4K HD simultaneous broadcasting service at a satellite open circuit TV channel and cover digital platforms including PC, mobile apps, H5 pages, WeChat and Sina Weibo.

Shen stressed that the launch of this channel is an integral part of implementing the instructions of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee, of promoting the development of the Olympic campaign in China. The priority of the CMG Olympic Channel is to serve the coming 2022 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games, tell quality Chinese stories of the two events in a comprehensive way, continuously create a positive atmosphere and public opinion for the 2022 Winter Games, bring winter sports to 300 million Chinese citizens and provide the most exciting Winter Olympic programs to the whole world.

Shen revealed that CMG has taken into consideration the preference of audience and tries to build the Olympic Channel into a promoting platform for sports event broadcasting, disseminating Olympic culture and sportsmanship, guiding platform for sports competitions with Chinese characteristics, a sharing platform for sport-education convergence, a communicating platform for telling Chinese sports stories and displaying platform for demonstration and application of CMG's innovative technologies.

CMG will invest more towards innovation to tell quality stories of the Olympics and Chinese sports in the new era and make key contributions to carrying forward the Olympic spirits and Chinese sportsmanship as well as building a strong sports power.

Li Lingwei, an executive board member of IOC and vice president of the Chinese Olympic Committee (COC), believes the launch of the Olympic Channel can kindle the interest of more teenagers in Olympic events and figures.

Yu Zaiqing, an executive board member of the IOC and vice president of COC, said that the launch of the Olympic Channel will play a key role in promoting and developing the Olympic campaign. It will focus on publicizing the core values of the Olympic spirits, which are the spirit of peace, the smooth development of the Olympic campaign in China, displaying Chinese sportsmanship.

Zhang Hong, an executive board member of IOC and member of the COC executive committee, said that Chinese athletes are willing to work as messengers of the Olympic campaign and contribute to publicizing the Olympic values.

Yao Ming, President of the Chinese Basketball Association, said that sports build the stage for culture to be met by more people. He hopes that the Olympic Channel can give the audience access to more excellent sports stories and become the channel of people,

Tokyo Olympic shooting gold medalist Yang Qian pointed out that CMG's reports of shooting events in Tokyo helped promote the development of the sport in China. The Olympic Channel will become a platform for the Chinese audience to understand the Olympics fully.

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12-10-21 10:20 BJT
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