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With the Olympic Winter Games only one month away, Beijing 2022's culture and ceremonies chief strives to show the cultural heritage of Beijing as the first city to host both Summer and Winter Games.

BEIJING, Jan. 5 (Xinhua) -- As Beijing marks the one-month countdown to the opening of the 2022 Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, Beijing 2022 organizers are going all out to deliver a successful Games.

Chen Ning, director of the culture and ceremonies department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games (BOCOG), introduced their business in six sections, namely landscapes, sports display, awards ceremony, torch relay, urban cultural activities and Winter Olympic cultural activities.

With the Winter Olympics being a celebration of both sports and culture, Chen stated that traditional Chinese culture played a very important role in the cultural presentation of the Beijing Winter Olympics, to the extent that almost every design was influenced by Chinese culture.

"The pictograms for the 2022 Games were inspired by Chinese calligraphy and seal carvings, combining elements of winter sports with traditional Chinese culture," Chen said. "With a GIF format, it is easier for media use and digital communication."

Inspired from a piece of Chinese jadeware called "Bi", the medals of Beijing 2022 are named "Tongxin", meaning "Together as one", which carries on the concept of jade from the 2008 Games and emphasizes Beijing as the first city to host both Summer and Winter Olympics.

Meanwhile, the Beijing 2022 torch also echoes the design from 2008, with the patterns gradually changing from auspicious clouds at the bottom to snowflakes at the top.

According to Chen, some cultural display activities for Beijing 2022 have been adjusted due to COVID-19, including the torch relay, which will feature both traditional and innovative aspects over a period of three days.

"We combined the traditional torch relay with the Olympic flame display by streamlining the scale and innovating the format," Chen said. "The Olympic spirit and the concept of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be promoted during the process, despite a duration of just three days."

"The choice of the torch relay route also reflects the 'Double Olympic City' heritage. Starting from the Olympic Park, a legacy of the 2008 Games, the torch relay will then move to the Winter Olympic Park, which will become another legacy after the Games, turning into a marathon base."

Unlike the Summer Games, Winter Olympic athletes will only receive souvenirs immediately after their competition, and will receive their medals at an awards ceremony held at the Medals Plaza, either by the end of the day or on the following day.

Therefore, in order to create a better atmosphere for the athletes, there will be various performances during the awards ceremony, Chen noted.

In addition to performances, BOCOG has organized a variety of cultural activities, including a "Postcards of Love" campaign that invites fans to write postcards to their favorite athletes, which will then be delivered to them during the Games.

As preparations for the Winter Games enter their final stages, Chen has sent an invitation to all participants who will soon gather for the Winter Olympics, simply stating, "We will see you in Beijing."

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