CPC leadership globally-acclaimed for charting course of China's leapfrog development

Source:CCTV.com 11-10-22 10:29 Updated BJT
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Many politicians worldwide spoke highly of the outstanding statecraft and leadership of the Communist Party of China (CPC) ahead of its 20th National Congress, hailing it for playing a core role in charting the course of China's leapfrog development. The 20th CPC National Congress is scheduled to kick off on October 16 in Beijing. Shehu Gabam, National Chairman of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Nigeria, said a country's political system should comply with its national circumstances. Under the leadership of the CPC, China has made widely-acclaimed achievements, so China's political system is respectable.

Editor: MaoZongjin
11-10-22 10:29 BJT
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