Courtyard Full of Colors 23-01-23 01:58 Updated BJT
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What colors or tones can represent the aesthetics of China? This performance will show more nuanced shades of the palette long-treasured in Chinese art history. Let's follow the dancers for an indulgence in the rich hues distilled from nature throughout the times.

The red of the peach blossom, a color referred to in the Book of Songs from over 3,000 years ago, is often used to enhance the beauty of young females and the splendor of spring.

The color of white jade, almost translucent and flawlessly pure, is often used to describe a fair-faced scholar who is a modest and handsome gentleman.

This lavish leafy yellow highlights the beauty of southern Chinese aesthetics that's both delicate and graceful.

Here splashes the royal blue, resplendent with dignity and honor in both Chinese and Western arts. The performance here imbues this respectful color with the depth and fluidity of water.

And finally here comes the rich and velvety agarwood brown. It's the color of Buddhist prayer beads that has the power to smooth over one's emotional ripples. This color of worship and deep meditation has a reserved aura of solemnity.

Which of these colors resonates with you the most? Email your answer to for the chance of a gift from the Forbidden City in Beijing.


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23-01-23 01:58 BJT
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