Land of Splendor 23-01-23 02:00 Updated BJT
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Selected from a dance drama that won two national awards in 2022, the makeup and costumes of the dancers in this piece faithfully reproduce the steady and stately beauty of the Han Dynasty from over 2,000 years ago.

The paused and graceful moves are meant to imitate typical Han figurines.

The dance and music here carry on the solemn court rituals established back then, exhibiting the power and grace of a 5,000-year-old civilization.

Silk threads gradually delineate the appearance of an ancient Han city and its palaces in a powerful visual display that brings us back to a place in time.

Finally, you'll see on the screens above and behind the dancers one of the greatest discoveries of Chinese archaeology: a brocade embroidered with words that included Zhongguo, or China, discovered in an ancient tomb in Hotan, Xinjiang, by a Sino-Japanese expedition.

Editor: LiuYing
23-01-23 02:00 BJT
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