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Here comes another classic feature of the Spring Festival Gala: a festive bonanza of traditional operas. You are about to see two of China's favorite legendary heroines. You might just know their stories.

Hua Mulan

Here comes Mulan! Yes, the Mulan you know from the Disney movie. What you see here is the original Mulan story as a Henan Opera, with the youngest performer being only four years old!


The Lady General Takes Command

Lady Mu Guiying, played by three different Peking Opera actresses, is another of China's legendary heroines. Married into a family of generals, she proved to be no less brave and powerful than any men in battle.


Under the Umbrella

Let us now sample some opera productions that are known for telling beautiful love stories. The first depicts a spellbinding, romantic story of a match made in heaven.


The Chinese Mermaid

In this story of a Chinese mermaid, a carp spirit fell in love with a human scholar and they lived happily ever after. Does the color of the actress's costume look familiar? That's right, it's the red of peach blossom mentioned earlier!


Love Found in a Wardrobe

This comedy begins with a man hiding in a woman's wardrobe and ends in a heartwarming love story.


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23-01-23 01:58 BJT
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