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A show of Chinese culture would not be complete without martial arts! Last year, netizens throughout China and around the world were awed by the incredible sword-kicking moves of the kung fu star, Vincent Zhao. Here he and other performers recreate scenes from a 200-year-old mural from the Shaolin Temple.

On the stage are not performers but warrior monks and a group of "young masters" as well. They might be little kids, but they have also been training at the famous Shaolin Tagou Martial Arts School for years.

The chance of performance is rare on the fiercely competitive stage of the Spring Festival Gala, but generations of students from Tagou school have been wowing the audience of the show for 20 consecutive years, demonstrating just a bit of their kung fu mastery to the world.

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Editor: LiuYing
23-01-23 02:16 BJT
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