Flowers and Songs along the Belt and Road 23-01-23 02:16 Updated BJT
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Music might be a key to getting to know a nation. You may not have been to China, but perhaps you've heard the Chinese folk song 'Jasmine Flower'.

Chinese people love to listen to and sing foreign songs. Here comes a string of the most popular tunes from countries along the "Belt and Road". See if you find any of these melodies familiar.

Back in the times of the ancient Silk Road, Chinese goods such as silk and tea were exported to distant places, while exotic musical instruments such as the erhu and pipa were introduced into China. Perhaps such exchanges also included dance and music that have contributed much to cultural integration.

If you were to recommend one song from your country, which one would that be? Email us your answer at!

Editor: LiuYing
23-01-23 02:16 BJT
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