China's cyber legislation framework basically formed: white paper

Source:Xinhua 16-03-23 03:31 Updated BJT
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BEIJING, March 16 (Xinhua) -- China has formed a cyber legislation framework with the Constitution as the foundation, supported by laws, administrative regulations, departmental rules, local regulations and local administrative rules, said a white paper published Thursday.

The framework is endorsed by traditional legislation, and underpinned by specialized cyber laws governing online content and management, cybersecurity, information technology and other elements, read the white paper titled "China's Law-Based Cyberspace Governance in the New Era," which was released by China's State Council Information Office.

This system of laws on cyberspace governance provides a strong institutional guarantee for building up China's strength in cyberspace, the paper noted.

China has advanced the legal system for cyberspace governance through legislation that is enacted in a well-conceived and democratic way and in accordance with the law, it noted.

Cyber legislation is now gradually focusing on comprehensive cyberspace governance by covering areas such as network information services, information technology development, and cybersecurity, said the white paper. 

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16-03-23 03:31 BJT
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