Tibetan cashmere competition showcases skill and speed, cashmere auctions empower local herders to prosper

Source:CCTV.com 01-08-23 02:08 Updated BJT
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The villagers of Longmenka in Rutog County, Ngari Prefecture, southwest China's Tibet, have relied on animal husbandry for generations. The white cashmere goats they breed yield high-quality plateau cashmere fibers. However, the remote location and limited access to information made it challenging for the herders to connect with potential buyers. The Aid-Tibet work team from north China's Hebei Province found a creative solution to the problem by using auctions to directly link local producers of premium cashmere with interested buyers. As a result, the Longmenka villagers showed an ever-growing enthusiasm for goat rearing. Today, the sale price of original, unprocessed cashmere from Rutog County has doubled, benefiting over 7,600 herders.

Editor: LiuYing
01-08-23 02:08 BJT
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