A trip to tell high-quality development in Shaanxi

Source:CCTV.com 16-09-23 10:02 Updated BJT
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My trip in northwest China's Shaanxi Province started with the ancient capital of Xi'an, all the way to Hanzhong, Baoji, Xianyang, Yan'an, with Yulin as the final stop. During the 8 days, I saw the lush Qinling Mountains, visited Geely Baoji and Baoti Group in Baoji, Hua Qin New Energy in Yulin, and strolled into the apple planting orchard in Luochuan, Yan'an. I see the great efforts Shaanxi has made on ecology protection, rural vitalization and science-tech innovation.

Editor: Wangjie
16-09-23 10:02 BJT
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