CPC disciplinary watchdog gives inspection feedback

Source:Xinhua 31-03-24 10:05 Updated BJT
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BEIJING, March 30 (Xinhua) -- The central disciplinary inspection authorities of the Communist Party of China (CPC) have given feedback to 33 units following the conclusion of a second round of inspections launched by the 20th CPC Central Committee.

A feedback meeting was held on March 25, and between March 26 and 29, 15 central inspection teams delivered feedback to 27 centrally administered enterprises and six government departments, briefing them on prominent issues identified during their inspections, according to an official statement on Saturday.

The feedback acknowledged the progress the enterprises have made in exercising full and strict Party governance over the years, as well as their contributions to promoting economic development and sci-tech advancement, and to ensuring the people's well-being.

The six government departments were acknowledged to have fulfilled their regulatory roles in facilitating various areas of work, including the reform of state-owned enterprises.

Issues identified during the inspections included prominent integrity risks in certain key positions and areas, and relatively weak primary-level Party organization construction.

The authorities urged the inspected units to undertake strict self-rectification work, and ordered the units' leading officials and disciplinary organs to assume their due responsibilities in rectifying the identified issues.

Editor: MaoZongjin
31-03-24 10:05 BJT
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