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Up Close welcomes you to explore the amazing stories of extraordinary individuals with us!
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•  Liang Ning - world famous Chinese Mezzo-Soprano
    As a young child, Liang Ning sang in the bathroom... Now, she sings to worldwide acclaim in the world´s most famous opera theaters. With her graceful and viola-like timbre, this famous mezzo-soprano has now returned to China to share her talents with our country´s aspiring vocalists. On the stage that is life, the curtain has risen for Liang Ning, and she is truly singing her heart out...
Air Time:
Dec.11 09 :15 15 :15 23 :15
Dec.12 03 :15
•  Tao Hongkai
    In his battle against internet-addictions, our guest today arms himself not with weapons, but with words, compassion and understanding. Through individual counseling sessions, radio, TV, and lectures Tao Hongkai is striving to return China鈥檚 youths from the internet cafes to their classrooms and homes. His overarching goal? rebuild our society鈥檚 social values and create a system of quality education.
Air Time:
Dec.18 09 :15 15 :15 23 :15
Dec.19 03 :15
•  Kung Xianduo - Descendant of Confucius keeps his promise to educate
    Formerly the VP of the University of Maryland and HK U of Science and Technology, Kung Xian-duo has dedicated his life to learning, not only of others, but also his own. He is considered an important leader in education, and has made important commentaries on the distinction between western and eastern education. Appropriately, he is ALSO a direct descendant of Confucius. Could it be that the renowned blood of the famous philosopher runs so thick 72 generations after?
Air Time:
Dec.25 09 :15 15 :15 23 :15
Dec.26 03 :15
•  Jane Goodall - A Female Legend Full of Hope
    Jane Goodall, the famed environmentalist, is a real-life female Tarzan. At the age of 25, she went to Gombe, Africa and studied wild chimpanzees for more than 30 years. In her 30s, she astonished the world with her amazing discovery -that humans are not the only species that can make and use tools. Today, she is a leading advocate for environmental awareness, encouraging the public that they too can make a difference.
Air Time:
Jan.1 09 :15 15 :15 23 :15
Jan.2 03 :15
People in spotlight

Sabriye Tenberken & Paul Kronenberg

Zhang Tian鈥檃i(Flora Zeta)

Grace Tan

Lu Yan

Wu Jianmin

Stephen Endicott
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• Enjoyed the show with Martin Yan
While enjoying our Saturday we saw your show with Martin Yan. My wife and I enjoyed Mr. Yan "twist" on cooking...

• deep interest in the AVG or Flying Tigers
I am an American living in Beijng and have a deep interest in the AVG or Flying Tigers squadren that fought the Japanese from South China...

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