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New electric bikes rules controversial

2009-12-06 12:28 BJT


China has announced new standards for electric bikes next year which say a scooter heavier than 40 kilograms and capable of more than 20 kilometers an hour will be considered a motor vehicle and subject to their laws and regulations. This has caused controversy with riders and makers.

The new rule is called 20-40 standard. That means any large and fast electric bike will require a rider to get a license and insurance. They say it's too much trouble.

Electric Bike Rider, said, "The reason why I bought an electric bike is for convenience. I don't want to have to get a license or anything."

Electric Bike Rider, said, "I am not happy with the new rules at all. Why consider a scooter as a motor vehicle. An electric scooter doesn't burn oil. A motor vehicle burns oil and has to pay fees."

What riders worry most about is not the trouble of getting a license or paying extra fees. When the new rules start next year, large electric bikes will be able to use motorways. That will be dangerous.

Electric bike makers say most bikes already weigh more than 40 kilograms and can go faster than 20 kilometers an hour. The new rules will hit their business badly as they expect demand to fall.

LiMing, Electric Bike sales Manager, said, "We expect the country's 2,300 bike makers will lose a lot of business. "

Electric Bike Rider, said, "When the government enacts a new standard, we have to follow it. But the timescale is too short. We need time to adjust. The government should consider our problems."

China rules that motor vehicle manufacturers must have more than 100 million yuan in fixed assets and 80 million yuan of capital. That will simply drive hundreds of small and medium-sized electric bike makers out of business.

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