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Female soldiers to form biggest marching group in national day parade

2009-09-24 08:59 BJT

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Female soldiers will form the biggest marching group in the national day parade. They have been training hard for months to perfect their performance.

The group of female soldiers is the only one in the parade which consists of troops from the army, the navy and the air force. This makes it the biggest marching group in the modern history of military parades anywhere in the world. To keep so many people moving as one, clear orders are essential.

Chang Donghua, leader of Female soldiers, said, "These three soldiers will give orders for the whole group. In rehearsals, we found it's very noisy. So the orders should be loud and clear so that every member of the group can hear them and move as one."

As you can imagine, the women's training is very strict.

Chang Donghua said, "As you can see, the girls wear an outfit for the training. But when they change into their uniforms, we found problems. The white navy uniforms make a striking visual impression. One little mistake is obvious. So we have to train harder to avoid any mistakes."

All of the girls are around 20-years-old. They say they are proud to participate in the parade, and are determined to do their best.