Antiquities up for auction 12-08-2005 17:00

Some remnants of the ancient world are up for sale at Christie's in New York. Rare antiquities from Egypt, Rome and Greece go under the hammer next week and experts say the items could bring in as much as ten million US dollars.

An Egyptian black granite standard bearing the statue of Queen Nefertari is the centerpiece of Egyptian Art from the Harer Family Trust Collection. It dates as far back to 1224 BC when Nefertari's husband Rammesses the second ruled. It could sell for two million dollars.

Max Bernheimer, head of antiquities at christie鈥檚 said:"There's a lot going for this piece. It's first of all it is very beautiful, it's sculpted from hard stone granite, it's, one of the only sculptures of it's kind showing a queen in the form of a standard bearer, she's holding this device which would have been used in processions, sacred to the god."

Another highlight is an Egyptian limestone statue of Ka-nefer and his family. Ka-nefer is depicted with his wife and son on a smaller scale by his feet. It dates back to 2323 BC and could go for 1.5 million dollars.

A Roman bronze portrait of the Emperor Antoninus Pius is also expected to sell for more than one million dollars.

Not to be outdone by the Romans, a Greek figure of Alexander the Great is estimated at between 300 and 500 thousand dollars.

The collection of ancient jewellery is estimated to sell for almost one-million dollars. It includes delights like a Greek gold and garnet snake armband. Bernheimer predicts they'll be hot items.

Max Bernheimer said:"And they are very decorative, they are very wearable and this is why they appeal to modern tastes. They're, they're, you know, they are ancient, they have a great story, but yet, you can wear them on your finger or around your neck, I mean, it's something special."

The sale starts on Thursday.


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