Documentary "Dunhuang" unveils 24 Mogao Grottos

2010-02-12 08:48 BJT


The Buddhist caves featured in "Dunhuang", are the Mogao grottos. 24 of the caves have never previously been opened to the public, and the show is promising to take the audience inside to view the many treasures within.

The Buddhist caves featured in "Dunhuang", are the Mogao grottos. 24 of the caves have never previously been opened to the public, and the show is promising to take the audience inside to view the many treasures within.
The Buddhist caves featured in "Dunhuang", are the Mogao grottos. 24 of the
caves have never previously been opened to the public, and the show is 
promising to take the audience inside to view the many treasures within.

The production crew of "Dunhuang" was granted special privilege to enter the unseen grottos.

Discussions were held about the equipment that could be taken in,so as not to affect temperature and humidity.

Zhou Bing, director of "Dunhuang", said, "To avoid damaging the relics, crew members were required to wear gloves and masks. The intensity of the lighting was controlled to protect the ancient murals."

The documentary "Dunhuang" will showcase as many as sixty seven of the Mogao Grottos. Widespread construction began about 1,500 years ago, and reached its height during the early Tang Dynasty in the 8th century. The site demonstrates the popularity of Buddhism in China during that time.

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