Review: Global Digital Economy Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises 2020

Technological innovation, featured by 5G network, big data, AI, cloud computing, and AR/VR, has become an essential driver for global economic growth. Digital economy is transforming the quality, efficiency and dynamics of economic development. In the vast ocean of digital economy, SMEs stand out with their vitality, audacity and agility.

China Association for Science and Technology (CAST) looks closely at opportunities and challenges brought by digital economy to SMEs. CAST has been dedicated to building Innovation China platform, maximizing its edge and wisdom in organization and leadership, introducing knowledge and talents, building social collaboration network, creating a productivity - research eco-system, boosting efficient interaction between S&T, industry, and finance, and facilitating deeper merge between S&T and business. The platform will employ new generation of IT system to build new digital economic eco-system, empowering digitization for industrial sector and creating new dynamics for high-quality economic growth.

CAST initiates the Global Digital Economy Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises 2020 (DES2020), inviting world-renowned scholars and experts, entrepreneurs, directors from SMEs, and policy makers to discuss theoretical innovations in digital economy, business practices, and policy trends, providing brainstorming ideas and information that guide and facilitate SMEs digital transformation. DES2020's theme: Digital Economy Challenges and Opportunities: SMEs Digital Transformation. The agenda offers keynote speeches, forum dialogues, and 6 sub-forums. The themes for sub-forums: Open Data: Unleashing the Original Drivers for New Factors; Cooperation and Symbiosis: New Practices of Platform-based Organizations; Building Platforms: Digital Technology Helps Companies Resume Work and Production; Open Ecology: Achieving Inclusive and Enabling Integration;Lean Startups: A Novel Mode for SMEs to Start New Business in Digital Economy;Bridging the Digital Divide: Addressing New Issues in Governance of the Digital Economy.

DES2020 is organized by China Center for International Science and Technology Exchange and co-organized by CCTV.COM. It is coordinated by Zhejiang Association for Science and Technology, Hubei Association for Science and Technology, MEGVII, Didi, Tusholdings, Greatwall Strategy Consultants and Research Center for Intelligent Social Governance, CAST-RUC.

You are welcomed to attend DES2020 on 16th July, 2020. Let's share the joy and magnificence.