Global Digital Economy Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises 2020

With accelerated innovation in information and communication technologies, the digital economy, which takes digitalized knowledge and data as key production factors, has developed rapidly. The recent years have witnessed enormous new technologies, new business formats and new models arising. Most countries have shifted to digital economy as an important strategy to reinvigorate national economy and recompose core competitiveness. China has also made efforts to seize the important opportunities brought up by the development of digital economy. At the G20 Hangzhou Summit, “Digital Economy” was for the first time high on the agenda of the G20 Blueprint on Innovative Growth, and the G20 Digital Economy Development and Cooperation Initiative was adopted and widely welcomed by all.

The Global Digital Economy Forum for Small and Medium Enterprises 2020 (DES2020) is hosted by China Association for Science and Technology(CAST). DES2020 aims at mounting a platform for exchanges of ideas, and willl invite business leaders, representatives from international organizations, world-renowned scientists and economists, representatives of think tanks. DES2020 will host main forum, six sub-forums and on-line discussions on addressing challenges faced by small and medium enterprises who are struggling with digital transformation.

Main Forum