Review: International Promotion for the Innovation
China (IPIC) 2nd Stop in Jiangsu
  • Guided by:China Association for Science and Technology

    Hosted by:China Centre for International Science and Technology Exchange
    Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology

  • Partner:CCTV.COM
    TusHoldings Co., Ltd.
    International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation(IASP)

Time: 18:00 - 20:30(Beijing Time)
  • 18:00-18:10

    Warm-up video, Introducing the leaders and guests

  • 18:10-18:20

    Speeches by CAST leadership

    Live Promotion

    Moderator: Wang Guan(hosted and broadcast in English)

  • 18:20-19:50

    S&T Industrial parks:

    Nanjing Jiangbei New Aera

    HOME Program base:

    National Life Science Park of Wuxi Masan China

    Offshore Innovation and Entrepreneurship Base for Overseas Talents:

    Suzhou Industrial Park

    S&T activities:

    China(Lianyungang) International Conference on Medical Technology

    Innovative enterprises:

    Wanbang Digital Energy Stock Co.,Ltd.

    S&T Innovation:

    Jiangsu: Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology

  • 19:50-20:20

    Online Q&A

  • 20:20-20:30

    Conclusion & Closing


Through overseas channels of the Chinese media, the event of "International Promotion for the Innovation China" advertises the real-time progress of "Innovation China" Program in Jiangsu. As such, a confident and enterprising profile of Chinese scientists and entrepreneurs who are actively involving in the resumption of work and production after the pandemic is presented in a vivid and perceptible manner.

The promotion of IPIC Jiangsu will resort to live broadcast and recorded scenarios, covering science and technology industrial parks, HOME program bases of CAST, science and technology enterprises and activities in Jiangsu. Moreover, comments of prestigious international experts, exchanges with overseas audiences, and participants from overseas science and technology, industry and investment sectors are to be expected.